Enabling hot deployment of code on WebLogic Server

Developers need a quick turn around time for making changes in development and debugging etc. WebLogic server has the ability of hot deploying code without needing to redeploy the application. This works particularly well when running the Integrated WebLogic Server.

To enable the functionality locate your weblogic-application.xml file that will be in your application. If using JDeveloper you’ll find it in your Application Resources panel usually on the left and it will be in the folder Descriptors->META-INF.

Double click this and you should see the Fast Swap panel.
Expand this panel and tick Enable Class Redefinition.

You should end up with the following in your file:


Rebuild and redeploy your application and you will now have the ability to update your code and have it automatically pushed to the server. You will see the message “Redefined all recompiled classes that are loaded in the debuggee process.” in your logging panel when it pushes the files to the server. (Note, because JDeveloper doesn’t support automatic building of code you have to explicitly run “Make” on the files you have changed.