Proxy Server pitfalls with JDeveloper!

If you are using JDeveloper with a proxy server then you may already be familiar that you need to go into Tools->Preferences->Web Browser and Proxy to setup your proxy server. For me this is required so that I can download extensions into JDeveloper.

I then began to have issues when I was trying to setup my JDeveloper connection to my VM application server that hosts WebCenter. I filled all of the details out correctly however, the connection test output returned failure when testing JSR-160. See output below.

Testing JSR-160 Runtime … failed.
Cannot establish connection.
Testing JSR-160 DomainRuntime … skipped.
Testing JSR-88 … skipped.
Testing JSR-88-LOCAL … skipped.
Testing JNDI … skipped.
Testing JSR-160 Edit … skipped.
Testing HTTP … success.
Testing Server MBeans Model … skipped.

This issue was down to the proxy server settings. I attempted to configure the proxy settings in JDeveloper to ignore my VM, so it didn’t go through the proxy server, I tried disabling the proxy server. Neither of these worked.

What I needed to do was disable the proxy server settings in JDeveloper and then restart it! Only once I had restarted did the disabling of the proxy work.

The downside of JDeveloper here, is I now need to turn the proxy settings on whenever I need to download/check the extensions but then disable it whenever I need to deploy to my VM Application Server!