Fear of fixing code

A while back I was working on a task of retrospectively documenting a project written a couple of years back. Whilst I was going through the code building up my understanding of it I came across a number of code smells. Nothing major fortunately but, things like, print errors to System.out rather than using loggers, code that appeared to no longer be required, things that should be refactored for clarity etc. Although this isn’t great, it’s no surprise and I’ve seen many projects like this in the past. Also, developers will have come across issues with my code written before I appreciated the benefits of automation.



The most painful part with these issues was the fear of breaking the product if I addressed the issues.

I had this fear because the project had no automated tests to speak of which meant the only way of verifying whether things were still working would be to manually test the code myself which isn’t the best plan or schedule some time in with QA. Neither of these are an option because of cost, so because of this the code was left as is.

The trouble is, this will only get worse and over time the code will begin to rot. Changes will take longer, more manual testing is required etc. and all this costs time and money.


When writing any code whether it is new or adding to existing code, make sure that it has automated tests to prevent the rot and reduce the fear of making changes that can be verified using automation. You don’t have to use TDD, however, once you get the hang of it, it will certainly make writing tests a lot quicker. I recommend starting as soon as you can, to understand the ways in which to write unit and integration tests and you will soon find comfort that whenever you need to refactor code, add functionality etc. you will have the security blanket of your automated tests to keep you calm!

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