How to develop portals for Oracle Web Center

This is going to be the first in a series of articles explaining how to get up and running with developing Oracle WebCenter Portal: Spaces.

Note the name has changed from onwards. “WebCenter Portal: Spaces” has become just “WebCenter Portal”.

The article will be going through the tutorials that Oracle provide here: but I will attempt to explain what I needed to do when the instructions aren’t all that clear to a newbie.

Step 6, item 4 of this article isn’t particularly helpful. It instructs the reader to upload the content into WebCenter Content. This is in fact the new name for Oracle UCM. The pre-built server that I am using only has a UCM instance, so this needs to be running for this tutorial.

What I did here was in UCM.

  • – Login to your UCM server as user: weblogic and password: welcome1
  • – Go to Browse Content on the left hand side. Then expand Contribution Folders.
  • – Select the Contribution Folders and then click “New Item” on the right then “New Folder” to create “About Us”. I then repeated this for the other folders.
  • – Next I then selected the folder and clicked “New Item” then “New Content”. I clicked the browse button to upload the file from the expanded zip file selected a file and then gave it the same title as the file name. Saved this then repeated the process for all the other files and folders.
  • For Step 7 I didn’t do anything as it seemed to be explaining what we’d need to do but not at this point. (Following through the rest of the tutorial you do not need to do this step now)

    The next post will cover anything I did/discovered in the next section “Creating a WebCenter Portal Application

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