JDeveloper and ADF’s close coupling

I’ve been a core Java developer for a number of years now and I have quite a bit of experience with Spring, JBoss, JSF and Richfaces. However, I’m new to Oracle ADF. The organisation I now work for relies heavily on Oracle Fusion Middleware and therefore ADF. As I now have to learn the technology and how it fits together I thought I’d share this with everyone else to help you along too.

One thing I discovered the other day which adds it’s challenges is the fact that the standard IDE for JDeveloper is intrinsically tied to Fusion Middleware stack. So, if you are working on a project that depends on version of ADF, then you have to use version of JDeveloper. There is no way of upgrading just JDeveloper to take advantage of newer features in the later versions without upgrading your entire application and application server at the same time.

Seems a little too restrictive in my mind, however, I’m continuing to keep an open mind with respect to JDeveloper.

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